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My Favorites from 2013

My Favorites from 2013 

No better way to write my first post then by sharing some of my favorite pictures from 2013. It's a little late, but here are 10 of my favorite shots from 2013 and a story behind each one. 

A wrestling meet between MacArthur and Mepham High School's featured a match between two of Long Islands best wrestlers. Mike Marrero, seen here, reacts after pinning his opponent Louis Hernandez of Mepham. It was a big upset, likely causing such a great reaction.

Back in February, I shot my first gymnastics meet. It was the Nassau County Championships and was able to capture this in the midst of the bar routine. Gymnastics is one of the hardest sports to photograph in my opinion and was happy to capture this image.

Another first for me in February was the opportunity to shoot a boxing event at the Paramount in Huntington, NY. I had never even been to a boxing match before this and I have to say, it was one of my favorite assignments of 2013.

Covering Championship games always provides a great opportunity to capture images like this. North Shore HS defeated Cold Spring Harbor HS to win the Girls Lacrosse County Class C Championship.

The NY Cosmos made a comeback this August with Pele in the house for the season opener. Cosmos won the game in thrilling fashion scoring the game winning goal in stoppage time. 

Bellmore JFK won the County Class A championship this past November against Long Beach HS. This was a tip at the net late in the final set that helped lead the JFK Cougars to their championship victory.

I got the inspiration for this shot after attending a seminar by famous Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller. He explained how he used a fisheye lens and placed the camera on the ground for the coin toss of an NFL game at Cowboy Stadium. I knew I had to try it at my next football game. This was the coin toss  before a first round playoff match between Freeport and Syosset HS.

One of my favorite football shots I've taken was this one during a second round playoff match between Huntington and Bellport HS.

It was very cool to be able to cover college basketball at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but it was even cooler to photograph my favorite Basketball team, the Michigan State Spartans.

One of my better photographs of a slam dunk from this year's basketball season. This one is of Danrad Knowles of Houston University slamming the ball down against Stanford at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

I will try to keep this blog updated the best I can as we go through 2014. Happy New Year to everyone. Wishing you all a great year in 2014!

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